7:20pm April 24, 2014
Get to know me meme — [1\15] favorite celebrities: Sebastian Stan
"I seem to keep ending up with these bad boy characters. I don’t understand what’s going on. I walk the street in New York feeling like I’m Paul Rudd or something, but apparently no one sees else it that way."
7:18pm April 24, 2014


sebastian doing the thing with his hair (◡‿◡✿)

7:17pm April 24, 2014


Sebastian Stan Appreciation - Law & Order : Sheltered  2004

7:14pm April 24, 2014
7:09pm April 24, 2014

His entire existence makes me want to set myself on fire. Dammit.

7:07pm April 24, 2014
  • girl: babe come over
  • boy: I can't I'm having a threesome with an older couple
  • girl: my parents aren't home
  • boy: I know
7:07pm April 24, 2014


Rory Williams would disagree with you

7:04pm April 24, 2014

they call themselves the Guardians of the Galaxy

7:02pm April 24, 2014


sometimes i picture imaginary arguments with people and i think about what i would say in response to certain points and i get so heated until like 5 minutes later when i realize that the argument isnt actually happening

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